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Edraw = Porsche, Visio = Bus: A Love Letter

This is a BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED AND WRITTEN little program. It is just a little GEM. Thank you so much. It does what it says it will do and does it very intuitively (to me, at least). Using EDraw is like driving a Porsche (compared with using Visio, which is more like driving a bus). Smooth, smooth, smooth drag and drop action. And, hold the phone!, things actually get rendered where you dragged them (take note Microsoft). Five stars, cows, monkeys, whatever scale you want to use! This program is designed and written like all Windows programs SHOULD be designed and written (but which very few are). Congratulations. You should give seminars to Microsoft designers and developers.

5 Reasons to Choose Edraw Instead of Visio

EDraw Flowchart Software is the friendly and economical alternative to Visio. Here are 10 reasons why you should choose EDraw Flowchart Software:
1. EDraw Flowchart Software is better for average business users
Although Visio is a powerful product, it is best suited to technical experts. It can be overwhelming to the average business user who just wants to draw presentation-quality diagrams, without having to learn a complex program. EDraw Flowchart Software provides ample drawing power while remaining easy enough for anyone to use.
2. EDraw Flowchart Software is fully integrated with Microsoft Office
Like Visio, EDraw Flowchart Software is fully integrated with Microsoft Office and other standard desktop software. Adding EDraw Flowchart Software drawings to Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, or other Office documents is as simple as Copy and Paste.
3. Easy to Learn, Easy to Use. Small and Exquisite
Drawing does not need to start anew. Just drag the ready-made shapes from the library pane and drop them on your page. Drawing couldn't be easier! Provide pre-defined color scheme and style.
4. EDraw Flowchart Software is more affordable than Visio
EDraw Flowchart Software is a fraction of the cost of Visio's, and our licensing plan is more flexible. There are no "software assurance" fees required to get upgrade pricing in future years. Your license is perpetual and you are assured of upgrade pricing for future releases.
5. EDraw Flowchart Software provides better support than Microsoft Visio
EDraw Flowchart Software's standard tech support is both legendary and free! You deal directly with experts, not someone reading you answers from the knowledgebase. Recognized by Deloitte and Touch as one of America's fastest growing companies, EDraw Flowchart Software is a dependable business partner that has been setting the standard in software support for more than 10 years.

ConceptDraw: A Visio Replacement?

I am always looking for a Visio replacement because I want to use my Mac for everything. I have sung my praises for Visio in the past, not because it is an exceptional piece of software, but because it is a tool that provides the right amount of focus and power to be efficient at prototyping user interfaces. Yesterday, I stumbled across ConceptDraw a program which according to its Web site, is capable of replacing Visio. Most importantly, and this is where they got me, the software is cross-platform compatible. I almost couldn’t believe this. A Visio equivalent that works on Mac and Windows platforms, plays nice with existing Visio files via Visio XML formatting, and is relatively cheap. Why haven’t I heard of this before?
Anxious to put the software to the test, I downloaded the trial version and installed it. At first I was pleasantly surprised with the intuitiveness of the UI. I quickly began working with a document, drawing familiar site map and wireframe shapes. The responsiveness was good, the speed was acceptable, but this was child’s play. The real test, I thought, was to import a Visio file I had been working on for a client. This file had plenty of intricate shapes placed precisely throughout a multi-page document utilizing backgrounds and dynamic fields.

Compare Six diagram Tools

Special diagram programs convert expirations, structures and plans with few Mausklicks into descriptive pictures for presentations, reports or Web appearances — however differently comfortably and too far apart lying prices. @$: In former times the philosopher needed three things: its brain, paper and pencil. The brain is today irreplaceable until, instead of sheet and pin uses the modern thinking worker however more efficiently its computer and a diagram draughtsman — a vector indication program, which is specialized such as network plans, marketing diagrams or family trees, in addition, descriptions of way or sketch designs in schematic designs.

With suitable symbol templates, collecting mains and assistants it ensures for the fact that design ready for printing and a prasentable costs the user hardly to more time than a sketch with the pencil. If the diagram must later extended or to be re-sorted, dynamic connecting arrows hold iron to its starting and target objects. As HTML side exported the design moves in the Web, or it finds its place in presentations or reports, where it always remains owing to OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) on the current conditions. Specialists use exactly on their needs cut diagram draughtsmen, who translate for example graphic software designs from UML (Unified Modeling LANGUAGE) directly into code sections. This test however takes versatile applicable indication programs for another target group under the magnifying glass: Generalists click more frequently to diagrams of different type together and need in addition one well with symbols and collecting mains equipped diagram draughtsman, who does not confuse them by redundant functions.

One puts the drawn concept afterwards with other tools or by hand into practice — about by drawing new stripping in the server area with the help of the printed out network plan — fulfills a diagram draughtsman with purely a diagram his task perfectly. Who looks for a tool instead of a pure mark program however for visual data modelling, must be able to each drawn object own data records to attach.

Graphic specifications of business processes or project plans can be passed on then directly to other applications. Turned around some diagram draughtsman carries good services out during the diagram of values from data bases, which he reads in over an interface after the ODBC standard (open DATA cousin Connectivity). @z: Bulk material @$: From favorable vector diagram programs for artistic and technical illustration such as Canvas ** X ** [1] or DrawPlus ** 8 ** [2] set the diagram draughtsmen off of this test most remarkably by their sumptuously equipped form libraries. These offer some (partly zig) thousand symbols and collecting mains of circling and pivot diagrams over office furniture up to the periodic system of the elements. The manufacturers let themselves such material abundance be paid well — for most diagram draughtsmen one must put more moneys on the table than for vector diagram software of the middle class.

Programs, which have only a few hands fully symbols in the luggage or on diagrams of a certain type to reinforce on one side, remained themselves in this test outside forwards. The meaning of objects and linkages is fixed with many standardized design types as electrical connection diagrams or the Entity Relationship notation for data bases exact. Specialized software can prevent users to insert into such diagrams against the rules connections or to mix symbols of different graphic modeling languages — however at the price to be any longer universally for arbitrary designs applicable. Therefore such programs, which do not permit freestyle sketches, in this test do not emerge. In addition we put against all Windows Diagram the requirement to merge other applications and their files such as Excel pie charts than data objects over of Microsoft OLE minutes and to place in response their own diagrams other programs at the disposal. For OmniGraffle, the only pure Mac program in the test, does not know OLE — it nevertheless builds bit-map pictures dynamically into its diagrams, so that these must be not again imported after changes in the image file. In the test we examined six programs for Windows and Mac OS ** Xth with EDraw max ** 2,5, OmniGraffle Professional ** 4,11 and SmartDraw ** 2007 place the pure indication programs half of the test field. ConceptDraw Professional ** VI offers additionally data base import and its own script language.

Earlier versions of iGrafx flow charter ** 2007 and Visio ** 2007 inserted themselves in our last diagram draughtsman test ** [3] still homogeneous into the remaining test field, today play both in another league than the competition: Microsoft sees Visio on the one hand as single place indication tool on a stage with the Office products Word or Excel, on the other hand also than graphic front-ends for SharePoint services or suppliers for the internal Project Portfolio server.

The manufacturer belonging to Corel iGrafx again classifies its iGrafx flow charter as entrance product under a complete solution for the specification, monitoring and maintenance of business processes. In this test was in demand excluding the indication talent of the programs — their qualities with interaction with other software components such as data bases, servers or SAP systems remained excluded. The table on side offers an overview of the strengths and the weaknesses of the individual programs!!!.

Except the tested professional versions from ConceptDraw, OmniGraffle and Visio are also abgespeckte and more favorable standard outputs on the market. The table calls the substantial restrictions of the savings expenditures and their prices. @z: Indication river @$: Many schematic designs consist of objects or symbols, which are connected by lines or arrows among themselves, whatever connectors or edges are called. As case of test for a diagram of this type the flow chart of a classical sort algorithm served.

But one needs several lozenge symbols for decision points and rectangles, which for processes. While one draws a rectangle up in the desired size in usual vector indication programs, diagram draughtsman set the symbol in standard size after only one clicks or by dragee & drop on the indication surface. It is gladly maintained that a picture more legend than thousand words, but without inscription of the symbols and the connections remain between them most diagrams incomprehensibly. Usually doubleclick to objects and connections add text labels in addition, with freshly set symbols can one loose-tap also directly. Some programs increase the symbol when desired automatically, as soon as the entered text does not fit in any longer. In order to set several symbols of same kind on the sheet, one (except with ConceptDraw) must select the collecting main each mark again on the pallet. OmniGraffle and SmartDraw fix the selected tool or symbol SHIFT key pressed when twice clicking and/or with the tool selection. Similarly a stamp tool for design objects works in some programs.

Except EDraw all programs in the test draw automatically for connecting lines between new objects and already existing — however in quite different way, on which the following sections are received more in greater detail to the individual programs. Dynamic connectors so mentioned hold the connection between objects, even if the draughtsman shifts these spaciously over the sheet. These special connecting lines engage thereby at fixed points of magnet of the objects, whose position and number of the users can change.

With OmniGraffle, Visio and ConceptDraw one attaches the connector instead of to one point of magnet alternatively global to an object, the software selects then dynamically the most favorable starting point for the line. With half of the test candidates dynamic connections function not only with the special connectors, but also with arbitrary objects like decorative 3D-Pfeilen. @z: Effects haschen @$: Beside symbols and dynamic connectors also out the familiar line types and geometrical basic forms are to different diagram programs such as rectangle, circle or star in the tool crates of the diagram draughtsmen. By closed Linienz?e or object combinations such as combination or cut one produces new symbols and equips with it own form libraries. Color gradients, bit-map tiles or samples as filling and effects such as transparency or shade throw peppen dr?e organization charts up.

So that the diagrams do not work too boringly, EDraw and Visio have special low-contrast background diagrams in the offer. Depending upon purpose and extent of the diagram such a window blind confuses rather or works playful to dubious. Half of the test candidates leads against the grey Einheitslook in addition finished color patterns into the field, which arrange elements of a diagram color glad uniformly, but. If one does not use a finished pallet, it turns out with some software to the detailed work to later change the appearance of a complete diagram.

With ConceptDraw, EDraw and Visio however one can define own style collecting mains for instance from color filling and line width for objects. Change the appearance of all objects of a style or a type ConceptDraw, OmniGraffle and Visio on a slide. !!! @bu: Such symbols occur in no standard template — this resulted in Visio from combination of two stars with two circles. @z: Everything on line @$: A magnetic modular dimension brings objects and connections in all programs on line. One draws additional auxiliary lines except with SmartDraw simply from the edge rulers on the sheet. If one hangs with ConceptDraw and Visio objects on it as to a W?cheleine and then if the auxiliary line shifts, it draws the objects also. EDraw, OmniGraffle and Visio indicate over independently faded in auxiliary lines, if for instance centers of objects horizontally, perpendicularly or in both directions at the same time aligning, which is important, if one wants to center a small symbol on a large.

Diagram draughtsmen balance on a narrow burr: If the software helps too little, the draughtsman loses much time with stupider routine task. If it patronizes it, drawing does not make fun — at worst the user tries to out-cheat the mechanism of the software which should help in actually. If numerous objects fill the indication surface, the many auxiliary lines, lattices for the automatic adjustment and magnetic objects partly limit the freedom of movement disturbing. A form crosswise over the indication surface to pull, felt at some software occasionally in such a way, as if one pulls an anchor by a thorn hedge — there only purposeful switching of some adjustment assistance off helps. Three of the candidates try as Layouter, by arranging the elements of a diagram automatically. Particularly around organization charts thereby iGrafx flow charter worries. Visio and OmniGraffle promise, arbitrary diagrams from objects and connections hierarchically to organize radially or in a circle again. In the test these algorithms supplied rarely perfect of results, but good bases for a fine layout by hand. […] @z1: EDraw max @$: The Chinese manufacturer EDrawSoft sells a confusing number of variants of his diagram draughtsman, some also with German control surface. EDraw max is under these versions the most extensively equipped, at present however only on English available. Drawing goes thereby to some extent quickly from the hand. One can point connectors by clicking and pulling a way to the next object — they follow this route, for example around objects.

EDraw indicates automatic magnetic auxiliary lines, if the centers of objects with shifting horizontal or vertically aligning. If one combines a bit-map with a rectangle to a group of objects, one can change afterwards the inscription of the group object, without the group before again into its parts to divide to have as with other programs. With other tasks the program more circumstances than the competition causes: It does not control any automatic linkage of symbols among themselves, the connecting arrows in the flow chart must one individually even in each case a head of the arrow assign. Out of Linienz?en own objects can be formed, the situation of the corner points are later however no longer correctable to each other. If one gets involved in the prefabricated style collecting mains in drop tones, colors more only one mouse-click complete diagrams. The HTML export suppressed in the test left to web pages; a Excel pie chart linked as OLE object indicated EDraw in the diagram as empty framework. In the test the program showed up as not straight stably and was terminated more than once spontaneously and under overrun. The version number 2,5 may arouse the impression that it concerns with EDraw a matured product — that is deceptive. The developers rather still are about to plug heaviest teething troubles to couriers and function gaps. Briefly before editorship conclusion they published version 2.6 of the diagram draughtsman, which could not unfortunately be considered no more in the test. The German Distributor of EDraw would like to shortly bring despite the not yet completely locked development a located version of EDraw max on the market, to Early Adopters promises it to reconciliation durably free Upgrades on future versions. !!! EDraw max control standard diagrams in drop colors and before graphic background already well, otherwise the software shows still teething troubles.  For opportunity users the investment for an expensive diagram draughtsman is hardly worthwhile itself.

Three organization charts in the year one zaubert with something patience also with the free diagram program Inkscape. Favorable vector diagram programs such as Canvas or DrawPlus, which are not specialized in schematic designs, offer likewise dynamic connectors and partly clearly more sophisticated organization tools than pure diagram draughtsmen. Their manufacturers give also some diagram symbol libraries to them or make such on-line available. Who already possesses, experienced with it goes around a such program and no selection from thousand symbols for its designs needs, the acquisition of a special diagram draughtsman should consider well. If one does not want to do without the symbol abundance and Assistenz of the special software, so that however only draw, the standard output of ConceptDraw offers an useful alternative to to send, but in the detail to little convincing and expensive SmartDraw. EDraw max is again clearly cheaper — who seizes however already now to this product developed not yet completely, the patience must apply to wait for some functions for updates.

At most fun drawing with OmniGraffle made, unfortunately remains this program users of Mac OS ** X reserving in the test. Who wants to convert ODBC Datenbankinhalte automatically in diagrams, finds with ConceptDraw Professional a favorable alternative to Visio and iGrafx flow charter, accepts for it however a somewhat dearless eingedeutschte surface. Under the two heavyweights in the test field Visio shows up more versatile talented: After something training thereby fixed sketches and responding Business diagrams develop just like diagrams of external data — but the multi-talent has his price. Rather for the visual modelling and monitoring of business processes iGrafx flow charter is conceived, purely as indication program assigned prepares the program less joy — and but it is too expensive.

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